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Take Time to Smell the Roses

Despite the less than seasonal weather, the roses are blooming magnificently and their fragrant scent wafts across the Rose Garden as you as you walk in.  All roses seem to be doing well this year, perhaps due to the rain and a mix of a cool spring and some sunshine but ours probably have an extra reason to be flourishing.

In early March horticulturalist, Charlotte Power, led a rose pruning training workshop for the volunteers and Garden Team. The original roses were planted for the Millennium and the Friends have begun a long-term programme of renewal but Charlotte’s view was that a comprehensive prune would also be beneficial. 

Dead, dying, diseased and old wood was removed; suckers cut out; crossing branches cleared and plants reduced by at least a third in height. She was right as the roses have really come back with vigour.  Come and see for yourself!

And we are pleased to report that the Wilderness entrance was soon back in use for people to see the Laburnum Arch.  


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